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Incontinence In Females

Is the incontinence stress or urge?

  • If both, then which is more disabling?


  • MSU
  • Bladder diary (frequency volume chart).

Stress Incontinence:

  • Trial of pelvic floor exercises (3 months minimum). Consider referral to the Continence Service.
  • Refer if significant incontinence is affecting quality of life.

Urge Incontinence:

  • MSU vital to exclude reversible causes e.g. UTI, haematuria.
  • Medication:Refer if symptoms refractory to Vesicare:
    • Oxybutynin 5mg tds - 3 month trial.
    • If unsuccessful, apply for Vesicare (solifenacin) on Special Authority - 3 month trial. Solifenacin is available on special authority if oxybutynin has been trialled and is ineffective or not tolerated. Apply for the authority on line or click here for application form.

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