Smoking Cessation  |  ABC for Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

ABC for Smoking Cessation


Ask ALL people if they smoke and document their smoking status in the clinical record. Use the following descriptions:-

  • Current smoker
  • Long-term ex-smoker (greater than 12 months)
  • Recent ex-smoker (12 months or less)
  • Never smoked

For anyone who smokes or has recently stopped smoking, check and update their smoking status on a regular basis.

Brief Advice

Give brief advice at least once each year to ALL smokers and record this information in their file. Brief advice can be structured around the following three points:-

  1. Personalise your advice to what is important to the person (for example, health, family, or finances).

  2. Acknowledge that it can be hard to stop and that some people need to try a few times before they succeed. The important thing is to keep on trying.

  3. Encourage them and offer support to quit. Some people will not want to stop right now, but they should know that you can help them whenever they are ready.

Cessation Support

You have several options for providing Cessation Support:-

1  Provide a Quit Card for NRT

2  Provide a prescription for varenicline, nortriptyline or bupropion

3  Recommend that the best results are achieved by combining medicines with behavioural support. The options for this are:

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