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Referrals & Advice

Tauranga Hospital

QE Health Servcies in Rotorua are contracted by the BOPDHB to provide a full day outpatient clinic at Tauranga Hospital each week. All referrals for new outpatient assessments should be directed to Tauranga Hospital. Any that are sent to QE Health are re-directed back to Tauranga Hospital and may cause patient delays.

Limited Day Patient Rehabilitation

Limited day patient rehab services are available for direct referral to QE Health for Bay of Plenty patients. The service is aimed at patients with musculosketal disabilities such as newly diagnosed inflammatory arthritis, post or pre-orthopaedic joint replacement and initial post polio assessment and education. The contracted provision allows for an average of four days therapy, but does not cover the costs of overnight accommodation. Contact judy.savage@qehealth.co.nz for details of subsidised accommodation for patients.

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