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COPD Pathway - Reduce Risk Factors

  • Smoking cessation is the most important modifier of this disease process. Provide smoking cessation advice at every opportunity.
  • Encourage exercise. If moderate or severe COPD, Pulmonary Rehabilitation  improves quality of life, reduces dyspnoea, and improves exercise tolerance.
  • Recommend flu vaccination and consider


Haemophilus Influenza vaccination:

Pneumococcal Vaccination:

  • Evidence for pneumococcal vaccinations in this patient group is not robust. However, international guidelines suggest its consideration.
  • Not funded in New Zealand.

Offer Dietary advice:

low BMI = poor prognostic sign; BMI >25 may require advice on weight management.

Occupational Factors:

Look at any occupational factors which may increase respiratory symptoms.

Nutritional Factors:

Review the patient's nutritional intake and dietary pattern.
  • If underweight, provide simple advice on more frequent but smaller high calorie meals, simple measures for food fortification (e.g., additional use of milk powder).
  • Advise on weight reduction measures if overweight /obese.
  • Healthy eating tips


Healthy Environment:

Ensure adequate home heating - consider a disability allowance for heating.

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