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COPD Pathway - MRC Breathlessness Scale

MRC (Medical Research Council) Breathlessness Scale is:

  • An alternative to the severity classification based on FEV1.
  • Required for PHARMAC applications for funding of tiotropium (Spiriva ®).

There are Grades 1- 5:

  1. Not restricted in usual daily activity. Only breathless with strenuous exercise.
  2. Copes with daily activity but some difficulty in keeping up with peers - especially on hills and stairs. Breathless when hurrying on the level or walking a slight hill.
  3. Restricted activity out-of-doors. Is unable to keep up with peers on the level. Slower than most people of the same age on the level or have to stop when walking at own pace on the level.
  4. Marked limitation in outdoor activity - stairs and inclines with great difficulty. Self-caring indoors. Breathless after 100m or a few minutes on the level.
  5. Essentially housebound and requires some assistance in personal care. Breathless when dressing.

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