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COPD Pathway - Background Information

Pathway developed with by the following people:

Name Title
Dr Grahame Jelley GP, Co-Project Lead
Dr Neil Graham SMO, Co-Project Lead
Dr Jethro Le Roy GP
Dr Pierre De Villiers Respiratory SMO
Rosemary Minto Nurse Practitioner , Kati-Kati
Jenny Parry Respiratory Specialist Nurse
Lyn Tissingh Asthma BOP
Rachel Lambert Physiotherapist
Dr Joanne Simson GP Liaison
Jacky Maaka Admin Support
Kerrie Freeman Facilitator
Richard Harrison IT Analyst
Trevor Richardson DSA Manager


Acknowledgement to be given to the following additional contributions:



Kingsley Logan


Jeanette Edwards

Respiratory Nurse

Lyn Tissingh

Respiratory Nurse Manager BOP

Pip Percival

Allied Health - DHB

Angela Bates

Nurse Practitioner

Catherine Tangrora

Pat Cosgrove

Case Manager/HCNZ

Neil Graham


Marja O'Conner


Gisela Sonnta

COPD Liaison Office

Janet Maloney - Moni

Nurse Practitioner Services - Moni Nursing

Colleen MacGregor


Grahame Jelley


Erica Fyfe

Respiratory Nurse Asthma BOP

Tiri Sosich

Respiratory Educator Asthma BOP

Steph Parker

Respiratory clinic Tauranga Hospital - DHB

Yvonne Boyes

CPO co ordinator EBPHA

Lewis Martin

EBPHA business case project

Trish Wawatai

Respiratory Nurse educator

Rachel Lambert

Physiotherapist Whakatane Hospital

Lisa Morgan

Physiotherapist Whakatane Hospital

Gisela Sonntag

COPD Liaison Office

Judith Quinlan -Logan

Respiratory clinic Whakatane Hospital - DHB

Jill Arnold

Practice Nurse

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