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COPD Pathway - Indications for Hospital Admission

Refer appropriately to prevent further deterioration . The risk of death from exacerbation of COPD increases with acute Carbon dioxide retention, association with co-morbid conditions e.g IHD and complications such as pneumonia

Consider hospital admission if:

  • Inadequate response to general practice management.
  • Severe or rapid onset or cyanosis.
  • Unable to walk between rooms when previously mobile.
  • Unable to eat or sleep because of dyspnoea.
  • Unable to manage at home even with COPD home support resources.
  • High risk co-morbidity condition i.e. pneumonia, crescendo angina, renal impairment.
  • Altered mental status and / or other signs of CO2 retention.
  • Worsening hypoxaemia with need for oxygen, worsening right ventricular failure (oedema).
  • Newly occurring arrhythmia. (COPD-X)

the General Medicine Acute Registrar or Medical MOSSĀ  at:

Tauranga Hospital - Phone: 07 579 8000
Whakatane Hospital - Phone 07 306 0999

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