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Pathology Services in Tauranga and Whakatane are provided through a contract with Pathlab, a New Zealand owned and operated pathology service operating in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.  

Services available from Pathlab include:
Diagnostic medical testing
Urgent and After-Hours testing
Domiciliary Services
Courier pick-ups
Result Report Delivery
Specimen Collection Best Practice Tips
Needle-stick Injury Information
Order Laboratory Supplies
Clinical Updates

How to store specimens:
If the sample is not being despatched to a Pathlab laboratory on the day of collection, please store as follows:

Refrigeration 4 - 8 C
All urines for microbiology and cytology
Faeces specimens for microbiology
Viral swabs
Sputum for microbiology and cytology

Room temperature:
Swabs in transport media
Chlamydia swabs
Chlamydia urines

Blood specimens:
Blood specimens should not be stored overnight.
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