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Osteo Hip Pathway - History

  • Past history¬†of injury, hip joint abnormality, hip joint surgery, or malignancy.

  • Pain - where (usually felt in anterior hip and/or groin and may radiate to groin, thigh and knee) , how severe, how often, when straightening hip fully, when bending hip fully, when walking on the flat, when walking up or down stairs, in bed at night, sitting or lying, standing upright, walking on a hard surface, walking on an uneven surface. Range of movement reduced - difficulty spreading legs wide apart, difficulty striding out.

  • Stiffness - morning stiffness and later in the day after resting.

  • Joint sounds/sensations - grinding, clicking, or other noise.

  • Functions of daily living - going up or down stairs, standing from from sitting, standing, bending, walking on flat or uneven surface, getting in and out of a car, going shopping, putting on or taking off socks/stockings, getting out of bed, lying and turning over in bed, getting in or out of a bath, sitting, getting on and off a toilet, domestic chores, squatting, running, twisting on loaded leg.

  • Quality of life - degree to which hip pain interferes with confidence and ability to live usual life.

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