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Osteo Knee & Hip Pathway - Referral Assessment Process

  • Referral assessed by orthopaedic team member

  • Patient and GP/referrer sent a letter identifying expected wait or declining if referral does not meet access criteria.

  • Physio appointment preceding FSA.

    Physio appointment purpose:

    To provide a Musculo-skeletal assessment of the patients who are referred for Hip or Knee Joint surgery which will inform the Surgeon seeing the patient at their clinic appointment and enable appropriate selection of patients for surgery.    It will help to prioritise patients who score similar subjective scores but who may have very different functional scores. It will assist us to provide a fairer system by having an independent person performing the assessment. The assessment will also provide alternative options for some patients such as Physiotherapy classes and potentially allow some of these patients to return to Primary care without having a Surgical treatment.

  • Orthopaedic Specialist FSA appointment within 4 months of referral -decision reagarding treatment made and it is determined whether the funding criteria has been met.

    Funding criteria:

    The BOPDHB has a threshold level which allows equity of access to patients ensuring those with the greatest need will be the ones who are offered Surgical treatment.

  • If the patient does not meet funding criteria, they are referred back to the patient's GP for conservative management. The patient may be given treatment recommendations, referred for physiotherapy and given a review appointment.

  • When the patient is likely to meet the criteria, the patient's GP will need to refer the patient back to the Orthopaedic Clinic for reassessment.

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