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Stroke Pathway - Admit to Hospital via the Acute Medical Team

Patients suspected of having a Stroke outside of the 4 hour 'thrombolysis window' should still be admitted ASAP for a appropriate assessment and diagnosis.

These patients should be admitted via the Acute Medical Team on call.  Patients will be assessed according to the acute stroke pathway. Once a diagnosis is confirmed these patients will be referred to the HIA team/Acute Stroke Unit (Tauranga) or Medical Team/Stroke bed (Whakatane).

When the requirement for admission is less clear, advice is available (in both WBOP and EBOP) within the hours of 8-4pm via the 'Stroke mobile' 0277065064 carried by one of the HIA team.

Outside of 8-4pm contact should be with the acute medical team registrar.

Last updated : Friday, September 11, 2015
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