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Woundcare Pathway - Leg Ulcer

Leg Ulcer:

Grade 1 compression stockings without ABPI (ankle brachial pressure index) Assessment:

  • Criteria for Grade 1 compression stockings without ABPI -  Non-smoker (and never smoked), no history or symptoms of any CVD, no intermittent claudication, in males no erectile dysfunction, normal pedal pulses, normal sensation to monofilament, normal capillary refill, no skin changes other than those due to venous insufficiency. Unless all of the above criteria are satisfied, refer the patient for ABPI via District Nurses or refer to the vascular service (note the vascular service do not provide an ABPI assessment).  Mr Mark Morgan Consultant Surgeon, Tauranga Hospital, Sept 2014
  • Preventing recurrence of Venous Leg Ulcer


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