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Midland Region Community HealthPathways connects us with a vast collaborative community across New Zealand, Australia and now the UK where we can share innovative pathways and resources built up over 10 years.

The HealthPathways and collaborative community originate from the Canterbury Pathways Project, which started in 2008.  The HealthPathways community currently covers over 27 million people.

Any condition that has an existing localised pathway on Map of Medicine or Bay Navigator will be displayed at the top of the relevant HealthPathways and you can click on the link to access these. 

On 1 July the Map of Medicine UK link will no longer be accessible. If you try to access the link it will display an error. 

For login details email:

Click here to view The New Language of Health Pathways

HealthPathways and eReferrals

Previously eReferrals could be opened with the relevant patient detail from a Map of Medicine Referral Node for some users – Medtech 32.

BPAC are working on replicating this integration for HealthPathways.  To use this link you will need to log into the HealthPathways tool via a BPAC tool, e.g. launch from the BPAC patient prompt. 

We are also hoping for practices that do not use the BPAC patient prompt to have a link on the BPAC main menu to HealthPathways and this will enable the eReferral link. 

The icon and link appearing on the pathway as below will indicate you have the ability to send an eReferral straight from the pathway.



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