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OST Prescribing Pathway - Agents acting on behalf

Agents Collecting on Behalf of a Patient:

A GP can authorise an agent to collect OST on behalf of a patient in extraordinary circumstances where the patient is unable to attend the pharmacy e.g. when they are house-bound due to illness. Circumstances necessitating the authorization of an agent must be verified with the patient and the agent.

Authorization of an agent is limited to a maximum of 3 doses of methadone or Bup/nal dispensing.

Authorization must be made in writing and faxed to the appropriate pharmacy and include:

  • Name and address of the agent.
  • Type of identification provided by agent.
  • Number of doses the agent is authorised to collect.
  • Signature of the authorising GP.

The authorised agent must provide suitable identification.


  • The GP must feel confident that the authorised agents can responsibly manage and administer the methadone/Bup/Nal(s).
  • Discussion about safety of takeaways is essential e.g. storage away from children, no replacement of lost or stolen doses.

Last updated : Thursday, January 09, 2020
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