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Initially the patient will see his/her GP every 28 days when a new script is needed. This is recommended to occur for at least 3 months when the patient is new to your practice. Where there is an established relationship with the patient or there are other indications for less frequent appointments this can be negotiated between the GP, patient and Addiction Liaison Clinician (from the BOPAS service).

After this initial time the patient must be seen by the GP once every 3 months for a review. The patient usually collects their script from the GP, practice nurse or receptionist at their review and in the two months between the three monthly appointments.

Three monthly review
Click here to access the GP Shared Care Patient Review checklist

Not attending appointments
If a patient consistently does not attend appointments, the GP may refrain from writing any further scripts until the patient is seen, or may write a short-term interim prescription until a new appointment can be scheduled. The GP should also contact the case manager and or the Addiction Liaison Clinician.

GP - Six Monthly Information Forms
The Addiction Liaison Clinician will contact your practice at least every six months to update information. Please provide any additional information you may wish to raise at this time or any time between contacts. It is essential for BOPAS to have current information for continued GP prescribing authorisation.

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