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Recurrent Skin Sepsis Pathway - Persistent Treatment Failure

Considerations for treatment failures:

  • Adherence to treatment particularly consider financial issues including ability to pay for scripts or buy antiseptics.

  • Undiagnosed or untreated household contacts.

  • Non-household but close contacts - especially boyfriends/girlfriends, very occasionally pets have been shown to be important in carriage and transmission of S. aureus.

  • Other underlying issues around infection or transmission - particularly scabies.

  • Wrong diagnosis -things to consider if the swabs are negative.

  • Hydradenitis suppurativa - particularly if lesions mostly in axillae or groin.

  • Co-morbidities e.g. diabetes and more uncommonly renal or immune deficiency disease.

  • Nutritional factors notably iron deficiency. Consider dietary history and growth chart in children.

  • Discuss with Infectious disease physician, Micro/pathologist or Paediatrician or

  • REFER including documentation of treatment regimen followed to date.

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