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Recurrent Skin Sepsis Pathway - 2nd Pass Management Cyclical Topical Treatment

Second Pass Management:

Partial Treatment Failure - history or diary indicates some improvement consider repeating last treatment regimen again before preceding to next step.

If Clinical Treatment Failure ( defined as new lesion(s) after full treatment completed) has occurred proceed to:

Cyclical Topical Treatment:

  • Re-swab this time the nose, throat and groin of index case and take nasal swabs from the whole household even if no-one else affected.
  • Cyclical pulse topical treatment (mupirocin, one week on, 3 off for 3 months) see information for patients and issue patient diary for index case.
  • Cyclical daily antiseptic baths/showers - one week on, 3 off for 3 months.
  • Simultaneous topical nasal decolonisation treatment rest of household with positive nasal swabs for 1 week only.

Note: Clinicians are welcome to contact (via Hospitals switchboard or Pathlab BOP)infectious disease specialist or microbiologist/pathologist at any stage of this guideline for further advice.

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