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Infectious Diseases

Recurrent Skin Sepsis Pathway - Investigation Summary

Regarding swabs:

  • 1st pass swabs: Nasal swab index case or if >1 family member affected nasal swab entire household.
  • 2nd pass swabs: Reswab nose, throat and groin of index case and nasal swabs of whole household even if no-one else affected.
  • 3rd Pass swabs: Swab nose, throat and groin of all treatment failures in household.
  • If nasal swabs negative and clinical scenario convincing: consider other sites eg throat, flexures.
  • Treat the clinical scenario not the swabs.

Consider and investigate as necessary for:

  • Co-morbidities e.g. diabetes and more uncommonly renal or immune deficiency disease.
  • Nutritional factors notably iron deficiency in children .

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