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  • Protecting your baby starts in pregnancy
  • Get immunised while pregnant against whooping cough and influenza
  • It's free, recommended, and has a proven safety record


Immunisation During Pregnancy


Risks from influenza infection for pregnant women:

  •   Being pregnant and getting influenza means you are at increased risk of pneumonia
  •   You are nearly 5 times more likely to be admitted to hospital with influenza compared to a non-pregnant woman


Risks from influenza infection for infants:

  •   Premature birth
  •   Low birth weight
  •   Miscarriage/still birth
  •   Birth defects




Neonatal vaccines - for infants at risk of Hepatitis B or Tuberculosis

Neonatal Hepatitis B Vaccination – Ministry of Health Resources


BCG Vaccine – Ministry of Health Resources

The BCG Vaccine is currently not available; however the Ministry of Health recommends the following:

Lead maternity carers and GPs should:

  • continue to assess all neonates and new patients aged under 5 years for their risk of TB
  • flag in their practice management system and/or medical records if an infant/child is at increased risk of TB (i.e. meets the eligibility criteria for funded BCG vaccination)


Resources on Childhood Immunisations



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