Healthy Pregnancy  |  As Soon As You Are Pregnant

Healthy Pregnancy

As Soon As You Are Pregnant

  1. Book your midwife
  2. Start taking the recommended supplements
  3. Talk to your midwife about screening tests
  4. Eat whole foods (cut down on fizzy drinks and highly processed foods)
  5. Ask for support for a smokefree, alcohol-free healthy pregnancy


Find your Midwife

Bay of Plenty: Find Your Midwife website

  • Tauranga – 07 579 8164
  • Whakatane – 07 306 0811

  Find Your Midwife website

  • 0800 Lakes Baby (0800 525 372)


Folic acid, iodine and vitamin D | Ministry of Health NZ

Folic Acid and Spina Bifida/Iodine and Iodine Deficiency | HealthEd 

  • Take one folic acid tablet daily (0.8mg)
  • Take one iodine-only tablet (0.150mg)

For further information, contact a health professional such as your doctor, midwife, dietitian, nurse or pharmacist.

Maternity Services

BOPDHB: Having or planning a baby

Lakes DHB: 
Maternity Services at Rotorua and Taupo Hospitals

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