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Uncomplicated Dementia Pathway - Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild cognitive impairment is a "grey area" between normal age-related memory loss and dementia, and is defined as objectively impaired neuropsychological test performance but intact activities of daily living.

  • Most people are able to maintain their cognitive ability at a functioning level throughout their life.
  • Approximately 20% of people aged over 65 years have mild cognitive impairment.
  • For some people, mild cognitive impairment is a precursor to dementia. A recent meta-analysis reported that the annual conversion rate from mild cognitive impairment to dementia is approximately 5-10%. Many people with mild cognitive impairment however did not progress to dementia even with ten years follow up.
  • Between 3-11% of people aged over 65 years and around 33% of people aged over 85 years have dementia.

NB: Cognitive Enhancing Medication (e.g Donezepil) is not indicated in mild cognitive impairment, and maybe potentially harmful.

Any patient in whom there is a concern regarding their cognition a Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) assessment should be performed.  A final total MoCA score of 26 and above is considered normal.

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