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Uncomplicated Dementia Pathway - Background Information

Pathway developed with by the following people:



Andrew Wilkinson


*Bronwyn Copeland

Psychogeriatrician (*Lead)

*Elizabeth Spellacy

Geriatrician, HOD (*Lead)

*Rosemary Minto

Nurse Practitioner (*Lead)

Andrew Coster


Andrew Gudex


Caroline Woolerton

Medwise Pharmacy

David Bridson


Grahame Jelley

Clinical Advisor

Jacky Maaka

Administrator (BOPDHB)

Jane Moore/Judi Strachan

Alzheimers Society (WBOP)

Joanne McKnight


Joanne Simson

GP Liaison

Lynda Wheeler

InteRAI Trainer (Support NET)

Pam Greenaway

Alzheimers  Society (EBOP)

Richard Harrison

IT Consultant (BOPDHB)

Ruth Thomas

Midland Regional Dementia Advisor

Sally Shaw

Alzheimers Society (EBOP)

Sarah Davey

Portfolio Manager (BOPDHB)

Sharon Linwood

MHSOP/Consult Liaison Clinical Coordinator

Tony Lawson

Nurse Practitioner (BOPDHB)

Wendy Phillips Brunton

Nurse Manager, Chadwick Health


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