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BOPDHB and our three local PHOs are all committed to continuous quality improvement. Bay Navigator has been established to support quality improvement.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Expressions of Interest: IAG Chair (Immunisation Accountability Group).

Primarily the IAG group is designed to provide strategic leadership and performance monitoring for the vaccination system, from the population and locality perspective in BOP. This overview position provides advice to BOPALT for primary care and the Executive DHB team through Simon Everitt as GM Planning & Funding.

The IAG now has a Strategic Plan in place; (latest draft here) and is leading operational improvement activity through a temporary Project leader role for Childhood Immunisation.

The full vaccination picture includes Flu, HPV and other vaccination surveillance for our population. 

The primary care system of delivery is central to successful vaccination in the community and therefore it is desirable to have GP practice leadership, preferable through the chair role for strong legitimation and engagement. The role involves monthly meetings of 1.5 hrs and is supported by the PM for Planning & Funding role and the wider TTO and Planning & Funding teams.

If you are interested and would like to find out more please contact: Tim Slow, Portfolio Manager - Child & Youth and Oral Health, Planning and Funding, BOPDHB.  Ph: 07 5798067.


Training and Education 

There are a number of online training modules that support Innovation and Improvement. Here are some that we have tried and would recommend.

  • Improving together -
    This website has been set up by the Ministry of Health. It provides information on quality improvement and a link to e-learning modules on the Learn Online website. This is a free resource. You simply need to register.
    The quality improvement module is called Improving Together. It is a good introduction to quality improvement and can be completed within one hour.

  • Institute of Healthcare Improvement -
    IHI is a global organisation supporting quality improvement in healthcare. The IHI Open School offers a number of related eLearning modules. BOPDHB is funding people working in healthcare to undertake the training.
    The training is in far more detail than the Improving Together course. It will take between eight and ten hours.
    Details about how to get access can be found here.
  • BMJ Learning Modules –
    All Fellows of the Royal New Zealand College of GPs have a subscription to BMJ Learning included in their registration. The content is very similar to IHI and is accredited for CME points. The course is called Quality and Safety in Healthcare and is comprised of 10 modules. It is estimated that it takes 10 hours to complete.


If you wish to get involved in any of the improvement work that is currently underway a list of projects and working groups can be found below.

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