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Gallbladder Pathway - Refer Patient

Please read the Direct Access Gallbladder Surgery protocol.

If your patient meets the criteria for Direct Access Gallbladder Surgery, then:

  1. Inform the patient: Provide your patient with the Direct Access Gallbladder Surgery information sheet.

  2. Get consent: Make sure that the patient has read the information sheet above and that they consent to the direct access laparoscopic cholecystectomy pathway (see the surgeon and the anaesthetist on the day of surgery for the first time). They need to complete the consent form attached to the referral form below. The surgeon will consent the patient for the procedure on the day of surgery. To assist the patient in making informed consent they can view this video which shows what will happen during the procedure.

  3. Anaesthetic pre-operative assessment form: Ask the patient to complete this assessment form. Ideally this is completed by the patient before they leave your practice so that it can be sent with the referral. The patient should be able to complete this form by themselves.

  4. Pre-operative blood test: Provide the patient with a form to have FBC, LFTs, Creatinine, K+ and Na+ done if these have not be ordered in the past month.

  5. Refer: Refer the patient using the eReferral system or by completing the referral form.

In summary the referral should include:

  • Patient consent
  • Anaesthetic pre-operative assessment form
  • Referral form

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