General Surgery  |  Gallbladder Pathway - Day of Surgery

General Surgery

Gallbladder Pathway - Day of Surgery

  1. Patient admitted to Surgical Admissions Unit (SAU) at 07:00.

  2. Patient is seen in SAU at 07:30-08:30 by surgeon and anaesthetist.

  3. If appropriate for direct access surgery, Consent to perform the operation is completed.

  4. If inappropriate for direct access surgery, the patient is rebooked for OPD clinic.

  5. Surgery performed.

  6. Post operatively, the patient is transferred to SAU.

  7. Patient seen post operatively by surgical team before discharge.

  8. Patient discharged on the same day.

  9. Discharge medications:

    • Paracetamol 1g PO QID X 2/52
    • Brufen 400mg PO TDS X 2/52
    • Oxynorm 5mg X 3 doses, maxalon 10 mg TDS X 3 doses

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