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Gallbladder Pathway - Asymptomatic Gallstones

  • Smaller stones more likely to be symptomatic than large stones.

  • Indigestion, belching, bloating and fatty food intolerance may occur but are often not cured by cholecystectomy.

  • Only 2-3% of patients with asymptomatic gallstones will develop symptoms each year.

  • Refer asymptomatic gallstones to the General Surgical Outpatient clinic when:

    • Patient is immunocompromised, is waiting for organ transplantation or has Sickle Cell Disease.
    • Calcified (porcelain) gallbladder.
    • Gallbladder polyp > 10mm in size or showing rapid growth in size.
    • Gallbladder trauma.
    • Patients develop symptoms.

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