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Adult Pneumonia Pathway - For Providers

Acute Demand Service (ADS)

Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Pathway criteria for ADS

Follow the Pneumonia Pathway Direct link under the current CPO Forms – Resources on Best Practice to the Pneumonia (CAP) Pathway

Eligible for funding:

  1. Assess the patient’s CRB-65 score, this must be noted in the referral to ADS
  2. If a follow-up is required within 48-72 hours then this can be funded under ADS
    • the funding is the same as for the oral cellulitis follow-up remuneration
  3. Make a request to the Acute Demand Service with faxed clinical notes (an interim referral process) on the day to the WBoP PHO.
    • must have a start date into ADS
    • must state the first follow up date
    • include all relevant clinical information
    • Note if there if there has been a CXR requested using the Best Practice CPO radiology form
  1. If a chest x-ray is required at the follow-up this can be requested using the current CPO radiology referral form
    • but please make a note in the clinical comment if the case is already in ADS as Pneumonia case


Not Eligible for funding:

  • A follow-up that does not fall within the timeframe as per the Bay Nav CAP pathway
  • A subsequent 6 week follow-up CXR is not funded

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