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Colorectal Cancer Pathway - Prevention of CRC

Advice to give to patients:

Advice for people with increased risk
Nutrition & Physical Activity

Eating a low fat high fibre diet with fruit and vegetables. Reducing red meat (beef, pork, lamb) consumption to 2 times a week. Diet Processed meat (inc sausages, bacon, ham) should be avoided or restricted to once a week.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer . Adults are recommended to do 2hrs 30mins of moderate exercise a week.

Weight Avoid obesity

Smoking cessation and alcohol reduction

Studies have indicated a reduction in the incidence in CRC in those people taking NSAIDs including aspirin and COX2. It is unclear what dose or duration is required and there are significant risks that need to be taken into consideration. Further research is required.

Participation in Bowel Screening programme where available

Beat Bowel Cancer





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