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Colorectal Cancer Pathway - Low Risk Primary Care Management


  • Increase fibre and fluid in diet
  • Increase exercise
  • try osmotic laxatives i.e faecal softners and then bowel stimulants
  • Review other medications

- if suspected irritable bowel try psyllium powder, Colofac, Low FODMAP diet- patient leaflet and advice sheet.

If concerned re possible inflammatory bowel disease, see other diagnoses.

Outlet-type rectal bleeding
- try Ultraproct/Proctosedyl, bowel softeners. Reassess in 6 wks and see other diagnoses.

Consideration and discussion with patient on whether private referral is appropriate.

Frailty and suitability for intervention should be considered.

Symptomatic treatment should be tried but it is important to advise a review if symptoms continue or progress.

Last updated : Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Next review date : Thursday, March 30,2017

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