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Colorectal Cancer Pathway - Investigations

  • CBC/Ferritin (Iron studies not reliable in detecting iron deficiency).

  • Electrolytes/Cr/eGFR (to check renal function if bowel prep a consideration).

  • CRP non-specific inflammatory marker.

  • MC&S stool if diarrhoea.

  • FOB testing in primary care is not recommended.

There is no indication for requesting FOBs in symptomatic patients (GI symptoms or anaemia). The test is effective in population screening but is too insensitive for use in symptomatic patients A negative FOB does not exclude either chronic GI blood loss or cancer and can falsely reassure.

International guidelines do not recommend the use of FOB testing in symptomatic patients in primary care.

Note: CEA is for follow up of known colon cancer and is not indicated for the investigation of suspected CRC

Note: Calprotectin should not be used for the investigation of suspected colorectal cancer. It is used in monitoring inflammatory bowel disease.

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