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Colorectal Cancer Pathway - Background Information

Pathway developed by the following people:

*Adrian Claydon

Gastroenterologist (Lead)

Lousie Moore


*Claire McNally

GP (Lead)

David O'Connor


Jacky Maaka

Admin Support

Jagdish Prasad

General Surgeon

Janet Ansell

Colorectal Surgeon

Jillian Wright

Radiology Manager

Joanne Simson

GP Liaison

Jodie Ask


Kathie Sale

Elective Services Manager

Kerrie Freeman

Programme Manager

Brendan Murray


Mark Omundsen

General Surgeon

Mike Agnew

Portfolio Manager (BOPDHB)

Mo Neville

Portfolio Manager (Midlands Regional Cancer Network)

Vanessa Muller


Wendy Carey

Project Manager (BOPDHB)




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