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Child Health

Weight Management in Children - Background Information

This pathway was developed by the following:

Dr Alison James

General Practitioner Liaison, Service Improvement, BOPDHB

Dr David Jones

Paediatrician, Tauranga Hospital, BOPDHB

Dr Neil de Wet

Medical Officer of Health, Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service

Dr Anne Jaquiery

Paediatrician, Lakes District Health Board and Senior Lecturer, Liggins Institute

Tim Slow

Portfolio Manager - Child & Youth, Oral Health and Pharmacy, Planning and Funding, BOPDHB

Lou Harvey

Public Health Development Advisor, Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service

James Scarfe

Public Health Analyst, Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service

Lynnette Borissenko

Public Health Analyst, Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service

Martin Steinmann

Regional Manager, Community Health 4 Kids, BOPDHB

Noeline White

Before School Check Co-ordinator, Community Health 4 Kids, BOPDHB

Carliza Patuawa

Clinical Performance Manager, Ngā Mataapuna Oranga

Charlotte Yarnton

Dietitian, Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health Organisation

Raising Healthy Kids Steering Group,
Bay of Plenty



  • The overall rate of obesity for children age 2-14 years is 8.6%1.
  • For Maori the rate increases to 13.0%1.
  • The child population in the Bay of Plenty is estimated to be 45,0002.
  • An estimated 3900 children are obese.
  • Obese children are at risk of becoming obese adults3.  

Table: Relative risk of overweight and obesity at 20y if overweight at a specified age in childhood or adolescence4


Relative Risk (95% CI)


2.72 (1.81–4.10)


3.47 (2.41–5.01)


3.55 (2.43–5.21)


4.28 (3.01–6.08)




3) Simmonds, M., Llewellyn, A., Owen, C. G., & Woolacott, N. (2016). Predicting adult obesity from childhood obesity: a systematic review and meta‐analysis. Obesity reviews, 17(2), 95-107.

4) Magarey, A. M., Daniels, L. A., Boulton, T. J., & Cockington, R. A. (2003). Predicting obesity in early adulthood from childhood and parental obesity. International journal of obesity, 27(4), 505.

Raising Healthy Kids Bay of Plenty Steering Group

Raising Healthy Kids Bay of Plenty is the local steering group tasked with working together to prevent, manage and treat childhood obesity.  This group includes representatives from local iwi, Hauora, Plunket, Sport Bay of Plenty, Primary Health Organisations, local paediatricians, local dietitians, Toi Te Ora Public Health, and Bay of Plenty District Health Board Planning and Funding. 

Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service, Childhood Obesity Prevention

Childhood obesity is a global, national and local issue. Toi Te Ora has identified childhood obesity as a public health issue for the Bay of Plenty and Lakes areas and has committed to the long term goal of reducing childhood obesity by one-third in ten years.  

Ministry of Health’s Childhood Obesity Plan

The Ministry’s childhood obesity plan was launched in October 2015, and has three focus areas made up of 22 initiatives, which are either new or an expansion of existing initiatives:

  1. Targeted interventions for those who are obese
  2. Increased support for those at risk of becoming obese
  3. Broad approaches to make healthier choices easier for all New Zealanders.


The focus is on food, the environment and being active at each life stage, starting during pregnancy and early childhood. 


About the Raising Healthy Kids Health Target

A new health target was implemented from 1 July 2016:

‘By December 2017, 95% of obese children identified in the Before School Check (B4SC) programme will be offered a referral to a health professional for clinical assessment and family based nutrition, activity and lifestyle interventions.’

The new Raising Healthy Kids health target focuses on intervening in the early stages of life to ensure positive, sustained effects on health.

The target will ensure four-year-olds, identified as obese while getting their B4 School Check, will be offered a referral to manage any medical complication as well as to any services they and their family may find helpful to support healthy eating and activity.

The Raising Healthy Kids health target is one of the initiatives in the childhood obesity plan.


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