Child Health  |  UTI Pathway - Referral

Child Health

UTI Pathway - Referral

1. Arrange acute referral to Children's Assessment Unit if:

  • Septic or unwell child
  • High fever
  • Child < 3 months

2. Refer to Children's Outpatient department if:

  • Atypical UTI
  • Recurrent UTI
  • Abnormalities on ultrasound

Referrals will be triaged to either a standard clinic or to written specialist opinion depending on details supplied

Referrals should include the following:

  • Details of the history
  • Any previous imaging
  • Method of urine collection
  • Urine microscopy and culture results
  • Treatment

3. Uncomplicated first UTI, with normal follow up ultrasound, does not require referral to Children's Outpatients Department

4. Consider referral directly to Urology for infants and children with:

  • Significant renal pelvis dilatation (>15 mm or  >10mm if bilateral)
  • Concerns regarding obstruction

5. If you are unsure about the need for referral, or further testing, written / faxed / phone advice is available

  • Postal Address
    Regional Referral Centre
    Health Records
    Tauranga Hospital
    Private Bay 12024
    Tauranga, 3143

  • Phone (07) 579 8044 or (07) 306 0999 and ask to speak to the Paediatrician on call  
    Fax (07) 578 9571

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