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UTI Pathway - Prevention of Recurrence

There is increased understanding that UTI, VUR and bladder/bowel dysfunction are linked.

Children with voiding dysfunction and constipation are more likely to suffer from recurrent infection.

1. Identify and treat constipation

2. Give patient information sheet, and:

  • Discuss hygiene/wiping.
  • Encourage regular voiding (2-3 hourly).
  • Encourage good fluid intake.

3. Prophylactic antibiotics

  • Are no longer routine, as they only reduce recurrence risk by a modest amount

  • May be considered in:

    • Some children with recurrent UTI's ( discuss with Paediatrician).
    • Some children with significant urological condition ( discuss with Urologist / Paediatrician).
    • Infants who are not on prophylaxis, and undergo an MCU should be treated with a three day course of antibiotics (at treatment dose) commencing the day prior to the MCU.

  • Antibiotic choice (in order of preference)

    • Sulfamethoxazole 200 mg and Trimethoprin 40mg per 5ml oral suspension (Cotrimoxazole):  0.25ml /kg  at night ( max dose of Cotrimoxazole 10ml or 480mg).
    • Cefaclor 5-10mg/kg at night (max 250-500mg/dose).

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