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Treatment Failure

Depending on course and severity may warrant admission or advice from medical microbiologist or paediatrician:

  • Review diagnosis.

  • Consider irritation/exacerbation from topical treatments.

  • Consider swabs.

  • Check compliance and adequacy of dose and course.

  • Consider local outbreaks knowledge.

  • If hospitalization not indicated repeat/extend or improve  oral antibiotic or for impetigo change from topical to oral treatment while swabs awaited.

  • Success of Benzathine monthly for recurrent impetigo implies that sometimes streptococcus is dominant, as only 10% of local staphylococcus are penicillin sensitive now.



Recurrent and Community Outbreaks of Impetigo:

  • Recurrent infection and community outbreaks of impetigo may result from the nasal carriage of causative micro-organisms or from fomite colonisation e.g. bed sheets, towels and clothing that may be shared.

  • If nasal carriage is suspected (as in recurrent infection), a nasal swab should be taken to confirm this. A topical antibiotic (such as fusidic acid 2% ointment) may be applied inside each nostril, three times per day for seven days. All household members and close contacts should also be treated.  

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