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Scabies is caused, by tiny insects which burrow along in the skin, laying effs as they go. Above the eggs small blisters form, surrounded by red patches – these are very itchy

Why is it important to treat Scabies?
Scabies will not go away without treatment.

  • Scratching a lot can lead to serious skin infections.
  • Untreated skin infections can lead to kidney and blood infections.
  • People who have scabies for a long time can get permanent scarring of the skin.
  • Children scratching lot find it hard to concentrate and learn.
  • Preschool and school teachers can ask that children with untreated scabies be kept at home.

Who gets it?

  • Anyone! Even the cleanest people get scabies.
  • Washing in soap and water or swimming in the sea will not prevent or cure it.

How do you catch it?

  • Scabies spreads easily to other people in the family, to boyfriends and girlfriends and to children’s friends.
  • By close body contact e.g. holding hands, hugging, sleeping together.
  • By sharing clothes and bedding.
  • Scabies do not live in furniture or carpets.

How do you know you have it?

  1. Scabies causes a very itchy rash which is worse at bedtime or when you are warm.

  2. The rash is caused by the scabies laying eggs.

  3. Small blisters form surrounded by red patches. You may notice the rash first:

  • on the wrist
  • between your fingers
  • around the waist
  • on the bottom
  • on private parts

4.  If someone in the family has scabies, others may have caught it without noticing a rash or itch.

5.  If you are not sure if you have scabies, talk to your Doctor, Practice Nurse, Public Health Nurse or Plunket Nurse.



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