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Child Health


Admit ALL children who:

  • Are neonates.
  • Are toxic (eg fever,tachycardia, hypotension).
  • Are immunocomprimised.
  • Have peri-orbital cellulitis.
  • Deep seated abscess for incision and drainage.
  • Suspected septic arthritis or osteomyelitis.
  • Bullae, necrosis or muscle involvement.
  • Have not responded to oral antibiotics within 48hrs.
  • Have families unable to cope with the illness at home for any reason.
  • Require IV antibiotic therapy.


Admit MOST children who:

  • Are systemically unwell.
  • Have another serious systemic illness (e.g.diabetes).
  • Have facial cellulitis / abscess.
  • Are young infants.
  • Have failed a trial of appropriate oral antibiotics (not tolerated or compliance problems).

Consider a trial of a different antibiotic if the child is stable and there was intolerance or an inappropriate antibiotic used in the first instance. It is also worth checking the dose of the antibiotic prescribed to see that it was adequate.

Last updated : Thursday, May 18, 2017
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