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Referrals & Advice

Referral Options and Resources to assist patients with any of the following conditions:

Paediatric Advice (virtual clinic letters) – written by BOPDHB Paediatric Department :

Asymmetrical Breast
Chronic Abdominal Pain  Constipation Difficulty Falling Asleep
Innocent Murmur Lymphadenopathy Microscopic Haematuria Plagiocephaly 
Pubertal Gynaecomastia  Sacral Dimple Self-Stimulating Behaviour Toddlers Diarrhoea
Umbilical Hernia  Undescended testis Urinary Haemaglobin
Pigments- Normal Urinalysis
Urinary Tract Infections 



  • Genetic Health Service New Zealand
    • Information about the scope of practice including preconception, prenatal, paediatric and adult onset disorders including cancer and referral criteria and contact details.

  • Sorted - Youth Alcohol and Drugs service of BOPDHB
    Telephone: 07 5575052    

  • Wellchild Enrolment form
    • The BOPDHB is committed to ensuring all families/whanau have the opportunity to engage and enrol with a Wellchild Tamariki Ora provider when their baby/pepe reaches 6 weeks of age. Community Health 4 Kids offers an impartial service to encourage all families/whanau to enrol plus answer any questions the parent or caregiver has. The role of their staff is to get alongside the parent/caregiver and help them with their journey to make an informed decision to enrol with a Wellchild Tamariki Ora provider to give their child the best opportunity to start life well and be healthy.

  • Vision and Hearing Technician (VHT) Referral from B4SC Nurses
    • The BOPDHB is committed to ensuring all 4 year old children receive a Vision and Hearing Examination as soon as is practical on the completion of the B4SC nursing evaluation. This form is only to be used by B4SC nurses in the BOPDHB region to aid the prompt scheduling of VHT appointments with the family and child.

  • Plunket line Telephone: 0800 933922
  • Parents help Telephone: 0800 568856
  • Cot death support Telephone: 0800 164455
  • What is up (Age 5-18) Telephone: 0800 942878
  • Youth line Phone counselling 0800 376 633
  • Tough love - solutions to family problems Telephone: 07 5433794



The following eReferrals are available:

Paediatrics (general)

WBOPPHO Allied Health services:
Outreach Immunizations

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