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Information to be included in referral letter:

  • Length of time of OME and if biltateral or unilateral.
  • Reported hearing loss from parents or caregivers including length of that history.
  • Any suspected or diagnosed pre-existing hearing, language or developmental problems. 
  • Family history of middle ear problems.
  • Chronic purulent nasal discharge (may indicate need for adenoiectomy as well).
  • OME that resolves then rapidly recurs is effectively chronic OME and should be managed as such.
  • Episodes of AOM.
  • Snoring.
  • Please attach any audiometry results and information from other agencies, even if the child has been seen at the hospital.

NB: It is imperative that in an uncomplicated case the referral  demonstrates  that there has been bilateral OME and hearing loss for 12 weeks or unilateral OME  and hearing loss for 6months. 

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