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OME Pathway - Pre-existing hearing loss or relevant disability.

Cholesteatoma, Retraction pocket need immediate referral to ENT.

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Drum retraction Cholesteotoma


Risk factors for hearing related developmental/learning difficulties:

  • Permanent hearing loss independent of otitis media with effusion.
  • Cleft palate with or without an associated syndrome.
  • Syndrome (eg Down Syndrome) or craniofacial disorders that include cognitive speech language delays.
  • Suspected or diagnosed speech and language delay.

If any of the above risk factors present with OME the child needs immediate referral to ENT with audiology results. If audiology has not been previously performed please arrange this too:

  • Autism spectrum disorder or other pervasive developmental disorders.
  • Blindness or un-correctable visual impairment.
  • Developmental delay.

The children with the above plus OME may need early referral once audiology results available.

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