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What can parents do for their child with otitis media with effusion (glue ear)?

  • Do NOT give the baby or child a bottle to drink in it’s cot or bed.

  • Babies should be breast or bottle-fed in a 'head up' position and not lying flat. Breast-feeding helps to protect against ear infections. Breast-feed for as long as possible.

  • Although not proven to work, it makes good sense to get your child to blow his or her nose frequently to clear mucus from the nose. It may also force air bubbles up the eustachian tube into the middle ear.

  • Cigarette smoking has been shown to cause OME (Glue Ear) and other respiratory problems as well. Don't smoke in the house, car, or near children.

  • If the child has other evidence of a cow's milk allergy then a 4 - 8 week trial of a dairy food free diet is worth trying.

  • If the child has Hay Fever, try and find the source of the allergy and get rid of it if possible (house dust, cats and other pets, plants etc) and treat the Hay Fever.

  • Attract your child's attention before you speak. Look directly at your child and raise your voice slightly. Talk to your child a lot and read lots of stories in a quiet area.

  • Ask the teacher to put your child at the front of the classroom and always speak directly to the child. Lip reading helps to reinforce what the child is hearing.

  • Tilting the head of the bed up by 200 – 300 mm (8 - 12 inches) may improve drainage from the middle ear. A pillow may be necessary in the bottom of the bed to stop the child from sliding down the bed.

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