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Gastroenteritis Pathway - Severity and Symptoms

Severity Symptoms Physical Signs
Mild Thirsty, restless


Slightly dry buccal mucosa

Moderate Lethargic, irritable Dry buccal mucosa, absent tears. Sunken eyes & fontanelle. Decreased urine output. Altered skin elasticity. Signs of ketosis (rapid shallow breathing, smell of ketones).
Severe Limp, drowsy Drowsiness. Shock (tachycardia, poor volume peripheral pulses, cool peripheries). Hypotension is late/ominous sign. Skin retraction time >2 seconds. Capillary refill time >3 seconds.

As a rough guide, the child who is mildly dehydrated (“5%” may be considered to have a 50ml/kg deficit, and the child who is shocked (“10-15%”) may be considered to have at least a 100ml/kg deficit.



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