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Gastroenteritis Pathway - Can the child be managed safely at home?

Children over 6 months with viral gastroenteritis of less than 24 hours duration, low-grade fever, mild levels of dehydration, no abdominal pain and minimal systematic symptoms can usually be managed safely at home.  The decision is often a difficult clinical judgement and will be strongly influenced by home circumstances and ability to provide regular medical follow up.

If the child is not dehydrated ORS is not needed and normal fluids will suffice. 
For the dehydrated child ORS is the rehydration solution of choice given at 5 ml / mim during rehydration phase. 

Antiemetics and antidiarrhoeals are not recommended.

NB. Although Ondansetron may be beneficial in profuse vomiting, it has only been studied in hospital not primary settings. Therefore, if the child is vomiting enough to consider use of Ondansetron, the child should be referred.

Last updated : Thursday, May 18, 2017
Next review date : Friday, May 18,2018

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