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Eczema Pathway - Secondary referral

Consider referral if:

  • Less than 6 months old and:
    Eczema that has become significantly or is repeatedly infected.

    • there are concerns about a milk allergy.
    • moderately severe eczema, especially if weight gain is poor.

  • The child requires a strong steroid for more than 2 weeks continuous use without improvement.

  • Thickened skin which may benefit from wet wraps.

  • Poor control. Parent/Carer subjective view is 1-2 weeks flare per month.

  • Significant social or psychological sequelae.

  • Systemic agent (e.g., Oral prednisone) is considered necessary.

  • The diagnosis is or has become unclear.

Refer to Dermatology/Paediatric OPD or acutely to Hospital Child Assessment unit (CAU).

Last updated : Thursday, May 18, 2017
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