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Eczema Pathway - Physical Factors

  • Heat,  dryness and irritating garments can aggravate eczema
  • Child should be cool, well moisturised in loose cotton garment and bedding
  • Avoid over heating


  1. Avoid soap detergents (bubble baths, shower gels).
  2. Skin infections eg Staph/Strep increased pustules (Increased erythema, exudate).
  3. Herpetic.
  4. Scabies.
  5. Molluscum contagiosum.

Inhalant Allergies:

  1. Consider if seasonal flare in eczema severity.
  2. Atopic children with asthma.
  3. Atopic children with allergic rhinitis.
  4. Atopic children >3yrs with facial and/or periorbital eczema - this is an important consideration where eczema is confined to the face.

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