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Eczema Pathway - Non Specific Treatment


Use warm water, bath oils or emulsifying ointments with antiseptic if skin infected or at risk of infection.
Chlorhexidine or Janola can be used.  Janola - 1 capful in child's bath is cheap and effective.

Warm wet compress:

  • Useful for immediate relief of inflamed itchy skin followed by emollient +/- corticosteroid. 
  • Wet dressings i.e. Tee-shirts and or leggings over skin applied with emollients +/- corticosteroid.
  • Avoid scarf around neck and face to ensure safety.

Occlusive dressing:

i.e. topical steroid under glad wrap

  • Is effective but potentiates strength of the steroid.
  • Not to be used for>14 days.
  • Can be used with emollients without restriction.

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