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Eczema Pathway - Emollients

  • Used for moisturising washing and bathing.
  • Prescribed in large quantities.
  • Used more often than other treatments.
  • Use all the time even if skin clear.
  • Use instead of soaps or wash products or as a shampoo in infants.
  • Smooth on rather than rub into skin.
  • Watch for irritation caused by emollients-may also indicate insufficient emollient.
  • Order of application is preferably steroid then emollient (to avoid unpredictable changes in steroid potency and absorption) but optimally leave several minutes between applications.

Commonly used emollients (all partly subsidised):

  • DP Lotion very light general purpose moisturiser.
  • Aqueous cream.
  • Cetamacrogel (cream).
  • HealthE Fatty cream (oily cream).
  • Emulsifying ointment (ointment).

NB: Ointments provide the most moisture but are greasy hence best used at night, lotions the least moisture and therefore are generally insufficient. 500g will last 1-2 weeks. Apply rather than rub and use as frequently as necessary to keep skin moist. 

Aqueous cream although commonly used can cause sensitivity due to sodium lauryl sulphate.

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