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Eczema Pathway - Calcineurin Inhibitor

  • Topical immunosuppressant second line treatment.
  • Pimecrolimus topical treatment.
  • Tacrolimus can be used topically (not available in NZ).

Pimecrolimus 1% cream (elidel):

  • Used esp on face when topical steroid to be avoided.
    Short term use <6weeks.
  • With facial atopic eczema in children requiring long term or frequent use of mild topical steroid, consider stepping up to Pimecrolimus (not subsidised approx $50 for 15g) .
  • Not for use if child under 2years of age.

Note: FDA warnings and consider discussing use with specialist.

FDA opinion - 
Who Should Not Use Elidel Cream?

Do not use if:

Your child with atopic dermatitis is younger than 2 years You have been told you have an immune system problem You have any infection on your skin including chicken pox or herpes You have Netherton's Syndrome. This is a rare inherited condition where the skin is red, itchy, and covered with large coarse scales.

You are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless directed by your doctor.

You are allergic to Elidel Cream or any of its ingredients What are The Risks?

The following are the major potential risks and side effects of Elidel Cream therapy. However, this list is not complete.

Possible risk of cancer: As noted in the Elidel Cream label and patient Medication Guide, although a link has not been made, rare cases of cancer (for example, skin and lymphoma) have been reported in patients who use Elidel Cream. The manufacturer is conducting studies to examine the risk of cancer. These studies may take many years to complete.

Viral infections: Elidel Cream may increase the chance of getting chicken pox, shingles, skin warts, or other viral infections.

Skin irritation: Elidel Cream's most common side effect is a sensation of warmth or burning where you apply the cream. See your doctor if your reaction is severe, or you have it for more than 1 week.

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