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Asthma Pathway - Non Pharmacological

1. Education about asthma and management often best with an Action Plan

2. Involve Asthma & Respiratory Management BOP Inc as necessary. Click here for BOP Asthma Clinics

3. The use of an age-appropriate spacer device & technique is important

4. Complete avoidance of cigarette smoking at home or the car.  Advise that complete cessation is best for the child, and not just smoking outside.

5. Environmental Considerations:

a) reducing exposure to viruses

  • Avoidance of active smoking in older children
  • Avoidance of day care, or choosing a smaller or home-based day care in young children
  • Frequent hand washing with soap by all at home, particularly when one of the family has a respiratory infection
  • Annual influenza vaccine

b) Consider the housing situation as housing that is cold, damp, or mouldy may be a factor in children's asthma refer energy options.

c) Children with house dust mite allergy, consider encasing mattresses and pillow in dust-mite proof covers

6. Annual St John's Ambulance Family Membership cheaper than ambulance call out fee.

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