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Palpitations Pathway - Background Information


  • To consider underlying causes of palpitations.
  • To ensure patients are seen in the most appropriate outpatient clinic.
  • To ensure referral letters contain appropriate information to allow grading.
  • This is not intended to be a definitive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of palpitations.


Pathway developed by the following people:

Dr Rick Hudson

GP (Lead)

Dr Calum Young

SMO (Lead)

Dr Jonathan Tisch


Dr Patrick Crisp


Dr Kingsley Logan


Dr Cecile DeGroot


Wendy Bryson

Cardiac Speciality Nurse

Mairi Lucas

Cardiac Speciality Nurse

Shelley Pakoti

Cardiac Speciality Nurse

Dr Joanne Simson

GP Liaison

Jacky Maaka

Admin Support

Kerrie Freeman


Richard Harrison

IT Analyst

Trevor Richardson 

DSA Manager


*core group contributer

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